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My Name is Mohammed.  But my friends (you too) call me Mo.

As my duty, I am putting my life on the line for every American every single day. 

I am a US citizen, a resident of Precinct 3 in Fort Bend County, and a State Police Officer.

Most importantly, I’m the husband of Martha Lisle, a gifted cellist, and the father of 3 beautiful daughters that live here in our community.  I care deeply about the safety and security of our home and our community, because I know what happens when it breaks down.

I was born and raised in Kuwait, where I was able to live my teen years as a typical boy, playing soccer, riding my BMX bike, playing video games, and listening to popular music.  But in 1990, my life was turned upside down when Iraqi invaded my country.  I saw and suffered under the devastation of war, the destruction caused by lawlessness, criminal behavior, and a breakdown of society.  My family had to abandon our home because of the invasion, and after years of disruption, we returned to Kuwait. Later, I was fortunate to earn my Bachelor degree in Computer Science.  I knew the importance of education, so I made the difficult and painful decision to leave my family far behind to come to Houston to study at Houston Community College. I continued my studies, finally earning a Master Degree in Organizational Management while working full time, which launched me into a successful 20-year career in business.

The haunting memories of war and lawlessness compelled me to abandon my profitable and successful business career to dedicate myself to serve my community through a new career in law enforcement.

For more than 7 years, I served as a Police Officer in Houston.  Then I was rewarded for my accomplishments and skills by gaining a position as a Police Officer working for the State of Texas, where I am currently employed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our most precious asset, our community.  My 7+ years in law enforcement, combined with my extensive business leadership background, drove me to run for the Office of Constable, to take an active role in securing the safety and security of our community.

Mo Nehad has been working tirelessly in the community for residents advocacy. Mo is working closely and actively with the local GOP leadership to create awareness within minority communities with three fundamental traditions and values of the Conservatives Faith, Family and Freedom. 

About Mo Nehad

Personal Narrative

My Law Enforcement Life

I’ve worked in law enforcement for more than 7 years and am currently a Police Officer for the State of Texas. But I do much more than policing the community. I put my business and leadership experience to work, becoming a Certified Classroom Instructor, Field Training Officer, Mental Health Officer, Certified OC Spray Instructor, Taser Instructor, Certified Rifle Operator, and Traffic Enforcement guru!!  I use my skills and experience to help develop others to reach their potential, to better serve our community.

Some of my law enforcement highlights include:

  • Dedicated more than 1,600 hours of training to hone my law enforcement skills
  • Assisted at over 100 traffic accidents, often helping injured victims receive life-saving medical attention 
  • Conducted close to 3,000 traffic stops to intercept potentially dangerous criminals
  • Labored tirelessly to apprehend Child Molesters as part of the Child Exploitation Unit 
  • Worked around the clock during Hurricane Harvey to prevent drownings in the devastating flooding, supporting First Responders and educating residents about the imminent danger
  • Became certified in CPR and First Aid, resulting in one of the lowest response times for code 1 calls under 95 seconds.
  • Trained to prevent mass shootings, earning Active Shooter Response I & II certifications 

I have the skills, education, and experience to lead the Constable’s office of Precinct 3 to ensure a trained, experienced, competent and compassionate team of law enforcement professionals dedicated to your safety, security and wellbeing.  

My Story

How I Got Started

Life before Law Enforcement 

I was fortunate to grow into progressive leadership positions with a Fortune 100 industry leader, giving me the foundation to manage substantial business units. I worked during the day, and studied at night, earning my Master Degree in Organizational Management.  I developed skills in sales, customer service, community relations, and business operations.  And I learned the financial management skills to responsibly and professionally administer multimillion budgets. At one point, I managed a team of more than 350 people, located around the world!  All these experiences provide me the skills that I will rely upon to manage the Constable’s office, with more than 50 staff members, and a large budget.

In my business career, I motivated my team members based on achievable key performance actions, rather than fear. Leading by example is something I believe in, and demonstrate every day at all levels, both at home and at work.

I got into law enforcement at the age of 35, after I took the advice of my father who said, “Only become a Police Officer when you are ready not to make money and to help your community members”.

Mo Nehad got married to a beautiful Cellist Martha Lisle blessing the couple with three wonderful children Hannah 15, Layla 7 and Sofia 5.

Mo Nehad and family enjoy their cats Sweetie 17, JBell, JBug, Skippy and Diego all only 6 month old kittens.

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