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Constable History In Texas

So What Does a Constable Do?

Here in Texas, we have lots of law enforcement officers serving our local communities. We have local Police Officers, Sheriffs, Constables, State Police, and Texas Rangers, to name a few.

In the early history of Texas, the office of Constable was created by the Texas Constitution in 1876. Constables were the law enforcement arm replacing the Spanish-style military policing organization and pre-dated the Texas Rangers.

The first Constables were led by Stephen F. Austin, the father of Texas – and Texas law enforcement. At that time, all Constables were elected by popular vote within their jurisdiction, and they still are today.

The Current Duties of The Modern Day Constable

The current responsibility of the modern day Constable is to preserve the peace within the precinct and the county. Each Constable and his deputies are fully licensed Texas Peace Officers, with all the powers and responsibilities of any Sheriff or Police Officer in the State of Texas. They may make arrests, conduct investigations, write tickets, and file criminal charges. Additionally, they serve and execute Civil Court orders from the Justice of the Peace, District and County Courts.

While Constables and their deputies deal mainly with civil litigation, they are highly trained Officers of the Courts, equipped to deal with any type of criminal activity within the precinct or throughout the county.

To become a Constable, candidates must dedicate at least 618 hours to classroom and tactical training, as required by the State of Texas. In addition, they are also mandated to take a 20 hour Civil Process Course every 4 years, and 40 hours of continuing education every 2 years.  Like myself, many Constables have served in other law enforcement agencies, and far exceed these minimum requirements.

The current duties of the modern day Constable.

The Responsibilities of Your Constable for Precinct 3
When you elect me as your Constable for Precinct 3, you are choosing a proven and seasoned leader, with extensive law enforcement experience at both the local and state level, as well as top-notch management and leadership skills.  

Your Constable leads and supervises a team of more than 53 people: 1 captain,   2 lieutenants, 5 sergeants, 42 deputies and 2 office support staff.  This includes the important fiduciary responsibility of managing a large budget of your taxpayer money.  

My 5+ year background as first a Deputy for Harris County and now a Police Officer for the State of Texas documents my credentials in the field of law enforcement.  It also provides me with deep and enduring relationships and contacts with fellow law enforcement personnel at all levels, ensuring our office will have access to the information, technology and resources we need to meet the safety and security needs of our community.

My Bachelor degree in Computer Science and my Master degree in Organizational Management provided me with the skills to succeed in business. Over 22 years, I excelled in both entrepreneurial and corporate business leadership roles, where I gained expertise in personnel leadership, sound operations, hiring, recruiting, training and mentoring stellar staff members, managing multi-million dollar budgets, providing outstanding customer service, ensuring stakeholder satisfaction, and creating excellent relationships with the community as a whole.  I uniquely bring those skills to support you and your fellow residents as your Constable in Precinct 3.

Mohammed Nehad Abdulhameed

Mo Nehad For People

New Leadership with Honesty & Integrity for a Diverse Growing Community